A little snapshot of myself

I came from a small country called England, I was born there from 15th of May 1988 and lived there for 10 years, I had a great time back home, with so many things to do, like theme parks and rides, and watching our local football team not far from where I lived. and every weekend as a family we’d all celebrate each others birthdays, so we’d never run out of parties.and every Christmas, without fail, we’d all get together to my Nan’s house and have Christmas dinner and crackers and heaps of games, of course those are now just mere memories, as 10 years later my mum, dad, my brother and I all made a big decision to move away and come to New Zealand, where I am living my new life today.


Its been almost 12 years now that I’ve been in NZ, and I can tell you now that I can finally call this place my home. When I arrived I had no idea what I was to expect, what shy 10 going on 11 year old boy would? I had to make new friends, new memories, and of course a new life. I was at the stage in my life where I was figuring out who I was as a person and what I wanted to be. I had it rough in High school, with no friends, couldnt join any sports or clubs. I was left to myself alot isolating myself from reality, I was pretty keen to shut everything out of my life.

my new job, my new lifestyle

I wasnt untill I started thinking with my head and not my heart that I ended up in a bit of trouble. A year ago from now, I crashed my car into a power pole, wrecking my car and breaking a passengers foot in the process, this action got my arrested and put into the police cells.

what felt like hours they let me out of the cell to go through the interview room so I could tell the police what had happend. It wasnt untill I got the court date that I thought my life was over, I often wished it was at that moment. I got some help from some of my friends from a church I used to go to that I managed to get a good lawyer to give me advice on what to do I was so lucky. When i think about it today, I dont think it was luck that was on my side it was something else.

I got released with a minimal 130 hours community service, one other friend of mine from the church worked at a faith based youth orginization called Te Ora Hou, and she’d suggested that I complete the hours there, that was, for me, the best decision that i had ever made.

As a part of my hours, I had to stay alongside one of the leaders who run the after school programme called clubs on monday’s, I enjoyed this kind of work, and suggested I stick around after I completed all my hours, I did, and also got involved in some of the school programmes and became a teacher aid in a space of 6 months. I wanted to know more about what its like to be a youth worker, I was excited about all the things I was learning I had to learn more and excell my skill in this area. My workmates encouraged me to go into study for this year to a course called praxis, I’m now in my 6th month of the course and have learned so much about youth work and about myself.

This is truley the best year Ive ever had knowing that I have a really big strength in working with young people and being an inspiration and a role model in their lives, teaching them skills and using those skills in their own lives, wether it be at school, or at home. I’m glad I am where I am now, and I thank God everyday for he brought me to this life and has stretched my knowlegde and given me a purpose in this life.

thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy. there will be more soon 🙂


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